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New Password Criteria for Corporate Network Accounts
Last Updated 8 months ago

New Password Criteria for Corporate Network Accounts Due to recent changes to the security of our network, we now require users to set more complex network passwords in order to minimize the risk of unauthorised access to our network systems.

  • The password must be reset every 84 days (4 times a year)
  • We highly suggest that you sign up for SSRPM to make future password changes easier.
  • The Password must be at least 10 characters long and contain each of the following: o Upper case letter o Lower case letter o A number o A symbol (e.g. !”$%^&*()>?). Please note, you are unable to use £ due to the pound sign being incompatible with the iTrent System
  • The password cannot contain your name or network username, be any of your previous 12 passwords or be a single complete dictionary word.
  • You cannot use any form of the word Password.
  • The password must not contain more than 2 consecutive identical characters or numbers.
  • Example of a password which meets the criteria stated: o Fro!styWea%ther31 or Happ!yCha$ppy29

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